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<   Sunday 19 October 2008

Well, just a bit too late this year to participate to the Blog Action Day 2008. But still, I want to write something. Instead of a post of my own on this year’s topic, I’ll just provide you with a few links to valuable posts of this year’s action.

Last year was the first edition of the Blog Action Day, it was about Environment. Back then, I wrote a post on green computing. This year, on October the 15th, the topic was Poverty, as October the 17th each year is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

From a lot of posts, more than 12.000 this year!, I’ll spot just a few:
- The Obstacles to Using Open-Source to Provide Equal Opportunity and Combat Poverty from Linux Loop,
- How Freelancers Are Saving the World from Glen Stansberry,
- Why I Think the Internet Is Key to Combating Poverty from Daniel Scocco,
- Mobile Phone use in developing countries from TechDigest.

Happy reading and ’til next year!

View online : Blog Action Day.
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